Train Heist: A Steampunk Adventure

Level 5 Difficulty

Our most challenging and best build to-date. Join us in making our latest room a success.

The train has left the station. On board is a prized gold bullion being delivered to Sherrif Valentines secret workshop. You have to retrieve the secret code engraved on it before Valentine can start the doomsday device. Time is of the essence. Get your chuckaboo's and save the world before it's too late! Bring your brains, bring your skill, bring your friends! This steampunk decorated room is quickly becoming our players favorite!

Duration: 60 Minutes

Difficulty: 5/5

Avg Time Remaining:  03:57

Puzzles: 16

Padlocks: 0

WOW Moments: 3

Style: Mostly-Linear

Capacity: 2 - 8 Players

Recommended Group Size:
4 - 6 Players


Private Bookings:
$60 for 2 Players - $21 each additional player

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