Murder for Hire


With several unique hands-on puzzles, mysterious clues and hidden objects, Murder for Hire is a great place to start if you're new to escape rooms. We give you a chance to get comfortable and offer an introduction that is full of tips and tricks to escaping with time to spare. Our speech also covers the origination of our theme and provides some insight to your objective once your inside. This room can be challenging. But most of all, it's fun with its surprises and secrets. A great choice for teenagers too!

Duration: 60 Minutes

Difficulty: 3/5

Avg Time Remaining:  08:24

Puzzles: 13

Padlocks: 5

WOW Moments: 3

Style: Multi-Linear

Capacity: 2 - 8 Participants

Recommended Group Size:
4 - 6 Participants


Private Bookings :
$60 for 2 Players - $21 each additional player


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