Team Building

We like to focus on teamwork and have developed several puzzles to promote it.  We provide an experience that rewards good interaction and communication with immediate results.  Our puzzles have a variety of styles of solutions, and your group can achieve better times as they utilize their different skills, talents, and thought processes to solve each and every task.  Learning how to work together on a deadline, articulating your process by highlighting possible solutions, and completing those tasks is a great way to start building better teams and friendships while highlighting varied skills and strengths.
Duration: 1 to 3 hours

We open our facility to for special use Monday through Thursday, by appointment only.  Hold a meeting, give a speech, or just relax a and prepare to have fun.  Special requests are welcome.
We recommend group sizes between 6-8 for best engagement, but will accommodate up to 10 per group.

Choose wisely!

Murder for Hire escape room focuses on abstract concepts with playful interactions and a creative story-flow.  Nuclear Meltdown lends itself well to those good at following written directions,  immediate cause and effect, and has a logical progression through the story-line.  With a synchronized start, race to see who can solve their escape room first.  Choose your team wisely.