Whether you want to be a detective, test how clever you are, or just want to escape the doldrums of an average week;  book an unforgettable experience with the areas most interactive escape rooms.

Have a look around, get comfortable.  Shoot us a message if you have any questions.  If you're ready to book with us, here is a link to make it easy.


Nuclear Meltdown at Three Mile Island


Escape Disaster!

Things start out easy, but you quickly find that keeping us from a meltdown is tougher than it sounds.  Using our custom hands-on puzzles,  interactive props, suspenseful plot, and hidden codes;  This generation 2 style escape room is the most interactive and fun experience around.
From $18 per person

Find a guilty verdict!

Murder for Hire is great for a first time escape room player, and is a generation 2 style game that experienced players will love too.  With the most varied game elements around, get playful with interactive props and uncover hidden codes;  while you discover all our twists, secrets and surprises from Lebanon County's most famous murder.
From $18 per person

Murder for Hire: Blue Eyed Six


Houdini's Closet: The Vanishing Assistant

With a level of interaction that rivals your imagination, Houdini's Closet will beguile the senses and leave you wondering if seeing is believing. From sleight of hand to disappearing tricks, hidden codes and missing assistants, Houdini's Closet is your escape into the world of a magician's bag of tricks.
Under Construction!

Give The Perfect Gift

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Team Building

More than building teams. We help build freindships by lowering barriers of communication and demonstrating how it takes differing kinds of intelligences to make an effective team. Everyone has strengths, weaknesses, and potential. This is a creative way to harness those abilities and use them to your teams advantage. Escape rooms are also a great place to see how communication can be so pivitol in solving problems on a deadline.

Night Out

If you need a way to get all your friends talking about how much fun you had, look no further. We offer a great experience for the first timer, or experienced escapee alike. Fun and laughter abound as you challenge yourself to figure out all our escape rooms’ secrets. Whether it’s family night, a work party, or a group of friends, Escape Room Level 6 is a great place to enjoy a little challenge, and a lot of fun.